About the Proteon PMI Chapter Partnership

We are not just a web host. We are PMI chapter technology experts.

Now Chapter Vounteers can come together and use this technology to best serve our membership.

This website is made and managed by Proteon Software, the leading partner for PMI Chapter technology.

What We Do


Single Sign-On Integration

100% Fault Tolerant SSO Integration. Proteon Software offers 100% fault tolerant Single Sign On Integration for PMI chapters and other customers. This means that no matter what cookies you need, no matter what the status of your national chapter, your members will still be able to sign on to your site. Proteon Software is the only vendor that offers this.


Included Native Mobile App

Included Native Mobile App. Only Proteon offers an included, native mobile app for your organization. If you want a high-touch approach, this is it. A great desktop experience is important, but mobile is the future. Mobile redefines the relationship with each chapter member, bringing the chapter relationship into your member's hands.


Private, Secure Hosted Email

Proteon Software offers the best in privately hosted, secure email. Bulk email providers like Google and Microsoft can be unsecure, easily hacked, and filtered into spam inboxes. Proteon offers every organization private, branded, hosted email that comes from your domain.


Automatically Managed Membership

With Proteon's ProDEP process, you no longer have to update your website with chapter management information - your website does it for you. No more manually updating your chapter membership on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.


Comprehensive Event Management

Proteon Software offers comprehensive, easy to use event management software. Create and manage events easily with our responsive, drag and drop event management interface.


Automated Newsletter Management

We offer a state of the art newsletter software system that automatically builds newsletters, sends them, handles replies, and cleans your email list to keep it updated.


Integrated Organization Management

With Proteon, you can run your organization with the tools and processes you need to take it to the next level. We offer several different project/organization management tools for you to manage projects, events, and work for your company.

Responsive Website

Every Proteon website is responsive and mobile, meaning that your website will reach your entire audience. It's more important than ever to have a mobile website because more than 50% of internet traffic is now on mobile devices.

What We've Achieved Together


Provide a managed website

We provide a managed website for your chapter, so you don't have to waste your time with the ins and outs of web management. We take care of all that for you, making sure your chapter website is right where you need it.

PMI Chapters we host

The percentage of CWS approved PMI Chapter Websites that are partnered with us.